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No argument that most news organizations would shoot whatever they could while in the field. It is also true that the Program Managers and Editors at any major media outlet would likely cull out anything like the shot we are discussing, because of the potential public outcry over the insensitivity of showing accident victims being cremated....or worse yet, burning alive.

Only the tabloids would publish material like this. That is because they only care about views (sales). Community standards mean nothing to them because they don't have to renew their FCC licenses every so many years, like the broadcast media does.

I don't see any police, fire or EMS people in this photo. If this were indeed the scene of a fatal accident, it would never have been left alone, because the NTSB has to be involved and the evidence needs to be preserved. That really makes me wonder about the circumstances in which this photo was taken. If this person was on-scene and the authorities had not arrived yet....then why the hell wasn't he looking for a fire extinguisher vs. standing around taking silly-ass pictures?

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