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Originally Posted by Joe the Photog View Post
The easy and most obvious answer is: Yes! It can be both and nowhere do they suggest otherwise. They obviously accept newsworthy shots and sometimes those shots are, shall we say, less than great. But this is a railroad photography web site and it would seem silly to reject a newsworthy shot because it's not perfect.

And that's totally fine. For you.

To be honest, I didn't note any of those issues except for the cropping until you brought them up. When I was in news if I went to shoot this scene and came back empty handed, my boss would want to know why. If I said, "but there were distracting shadows on the car, all those power lines and poles..." Well first, my boss would have a heart attack. And then they would have screamed at me so loud that windows would have shattered, the anchors ears would have bled and the boss would have broken vocal cords.

Of course, this isn't a newsroom, as you are about to say. But the point remains. You don't reject what frankly is a unique shot for reasons that people would have brought a typical shot in here for complaining about. It shows something I personally have never seen -- a car on fire after being hit by a train. I guess I have seen the aftermath before, but not the actual scene.

At a passenger platform, nonetheless. The real story here might actually be that only two people lost their lives and not more.
Joe, they reject more unique shots than that from this site all the time for the very same reasons I listed above... sorry, that dog don't hunt.

You're correct, a newsroom and especially news producer would have every reason to give you the riot act for not getting the photos. But you make my point with your pre-emptive "this is not a newsroom" comment. That is your profession and why you would have been sent to the scene in the first place.
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