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Originally Posted by hoydie17 View Post
Is a photography site, or a news website?

On it's very own title bar is says the "Best Railroad Photos On the Net"... nowhere does it say RP is anything about news, or current events. They only accept "newsworthy" photos when they think it'll result in a click-fest which means it generates revenue for the site. (tarp-covered UP heritage units inside a dimly lit building, anyone, Bueller...?)

Quality is obviously subjective, the only thing that makes that photo remotely railroad related is that it happens to be in front of a LIRR commuter train.

I don't go to looking for news, I go looking for quality photos of railroad subjects. This particular specimen is piss poor in quality, especially for RP's occasionally enforced standards. First rejection should have been for "distracting shadows" (tree shadows on side of railcar, foreground in shade). Second rejection "unlevel" since it's obvious the photographer didn't level the photo at all. Thirdly, the cropping is awful, cropped off half of the passenger car, wires and poles hanging in the background with no place to go.

But it's all is forgiven as long as it's "newsworthy".... nevermind that news reporting is not their forte. If it was, there should be a dozen screeners on duty 24/7/365 waiting for photos to get posted, not 4 or 5 that get to the screening queue as they find the time.
You should win an award for this. Nailed it! RP is all about quality unless it's a photo of an accident, women, LTE, or a flash shot at night with 2 flashes

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