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I'm going to pipe up in defense of it being posted for a few reasons. 1) That there were bodies in the car at the time the picture was taken, to me, doesn't mean it shouldn't be shown. This type of photo is published all the time. For that matter, no pictures of 9/11 should ever have been shown. Sh*t happens. 2) By all accounts, someone didn't heed the warning and paid for it. And as such, in the ensuing publicity, I hope this provides a lesson to someone somewhere that may decide not to bypass the gates in a given situation. That seems like plenty enough reason to me for it to be shown. Yes, it's disturbing, but I don't think that's a reason to reject this photo. If it were genuinely gory, I would have a different opinion. Finally, IMO, it should be up to the photographer to decide and, in this case, he elected to post it.
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