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I'm firmly in the we should all shoot what we want camp. I am, however, interested in the way the "debate" here has developed. I would observe that, as much as all of us here shoot train photos, we are not all pursuing the same interests in the process of creating the photos we post here. Charles, as he mentioned in his post, likes trains and is setting out to capture trains. Nothing wrong with that, of course. Chase, though he has not participated in this particular thread, seems to be as interested in the infrastructure of the railroad when it comes to subjects of photography as he is in the trains that run on the railroad. In my case, I happen to like railroads and be interested in photography - so I shoot railroad photographs and submit them here in part because I've found that doing so helps me to improve my skills as a photographer. None of those is "wrong. But what seems to be happening in the course of the debate here is conflating "railroad photography" with "train photography". Naturally, the two overlap significantly, but they aren't the same thing. Note that the site's name is and not It claims "the best railroad photos on the net" and not "the best train photos on the net". The railroad is bigger than just the trains that move over the rails. I guess that's why I wouldn't assume that a railroad photograph has to have a train in it at all, much less a prominent feature. That doesn't mean that I'm telling anyone that they are wrong if they prefer images of trains to images of infrastructure - I just can't agree that that makes the latter any less of a "railroad picture".

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