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Even though it's not directly related to the current discussion of "I know what a train looks like," when I saw this shot in the database

Image © Markus Gmür
PhotoID: 420804
Photograph © Markus Gmür

I couldn't help but to think, That don't look like no train I've ever seen.

I love this shot and the others of the Wuppertal Suspension Railway WSW, but it signifies the very problem of trying to define what a railroad picture is. For every "rule" some guys want to lay on us (and sometimes they want the rules to be stricter and sometimes they want them looser) there is always going to be a shot that pushes the boundaries. We should want that. Sometimes it's "three points of light" but other times it's an upside down train.

Which is another way of saying
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Each of us should shoot how we want to.
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