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Default I know what a train looks like

[This is sort of an open letter to rail photographers in general. I'd appreciate any who would give this some amount of thought, etc. I also realize many people who will read this may simply be a railfan with a camera and that's not bad. But for those really looking to photograph today's railroads, here's something to consider.]

I know what a train looks like.

Many will know who I've talked with lately when I say this, but it's true. In fact, there probably will hardly be a soul who reads this post that hasn't seen hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of trains. We all know what a train looks like. In rail photography, though, we have the opportunity to capture the photographic subject we enjoy, as well as the people that run it and its surroundings, whether those be quaint towns, bustling cities, trying terrain, or extreme weather.

The bulk of the RR images on here center on the train itself, mostly with the locomotives as the key element in framing. As a genre, we have been influenced greatly by those who merely want to see another train picture. There's a lot of great talent in the hobby and I would like to encourage all of you to broaden your photo horizons some, both in RR subject and whatever else you might find of interest. Finally, I'll venture to postulate that the greatest compliments for your RR photography will come from those who are neither railfans, friends or relatives. When someone who knows nothing about railroads tells you he or she remembers your images, you've struck gold.

Disclaimer: Some on here are also way ahead of me when it comes to this. I have much to learn myself.

Adapted from a Mel Patrick comment.

P.S. I just realized how ObsCaresque this post is.
Be governed accordingly,


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