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Originally Posted by asis80 View Post
Down to one upload again. 13 rejections in the rejection list. Some were fixed and got in. So now I'm down to 1 upload. The recent spat, you could say, was a shot that was in full sun, but as the train came, cloud covered the sun. Hit for cloudy.
This type of lighting condition is almost impossible to deal with. Bright blue skies with a flat and lifeless subject make for terrible photos. Sometimes a cloud comes along and ruins a photo. It's happened to me many times. Win some, lose some, but recognize that you aren't going to make any points trying to upload inferior photos. Just because you saw a train doesn't make it important.

Originally Posted by asis80 View Post
So I tried to bring out the blue in the sky more and used some shadow highlight, and they say uncorrected upload? So I convert to black and white, hoping it will *help* some, it didn't. I went from a full color shot to a black and white and was hit for uncorrected photo.
It doesn't matter how much you fiddle with it in Photoshop, you can't make the sun come back out. If the photo is rejected for "cloudy," that's not something you can change.

Originally Posted by asis80 View Post
Question is, how long does it take for me to get my uploads back? A year? That sucks, I have to go that long to get my uploads back? And I know the dumbass remarks like "take better photos" are coming, so go ahead with them anyways, haha. Didn't really mean to piss them off, or is it the 13 rejections?
I can't tell you when you'll get your upload slots back, but look at what you did to lose them. You demonstrated that you lost your focus, and that it was more important for you to get a flat and dull cloudy photo in the database when you should have moved on to something better. You know you have better shots, the screeners know it, and the viewers here know it too. It's not a question of "taking better photos," it's a question of correctly picking what you should upload.

How many photos do you really need to upload? Is it a coincidence that several of the people with the largest number of photos on the site also have the most boring, plain collections of wedge photos? I think I could get by just fine with one or two slots a week, as that's all I upload anyways.
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