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Originally Posted by asis80 View Post
I'm sure my 13 rejections has something to do with it. I don't know, I'm pretty sure I explained in my B&W shot I made note of it although you can tell I took away, oh lets see, all the color? I pushed the envelope 3 times with that cloudy rejection, don't think that's hardly a reason to knock me down to 1 upload a day. I'm not bragging or swelling my chest, but like Joe above mentioned, I've been pretty selective of what I publish and it's pretty plain to see how I've grown. Yea, I still take the standard wedgies that aren't "wow" factor shots, but I take some real nice shots too. Again, not trying to swell my chest or brag, just stating facts. I don't think an email to either Chris's will help, I don't want to seem like a pansy. I'm going to have to deal with it for a long while, so it seems with what everyone who is down to 1 or 2 a day is telling me. I'm not the greatest here but I'm striving to be pretty good. This only hampers it, I guess. I'm not knocking the system, but if you have one great shot, and a screener is feeling picky that day and see's something I don't and rejects it, how is that supposed to help? This is a great site, and I've been down this road once a couple years back because I was mouthy (learned the lesson!!!), but damn. This just blows!

The reason I think you were kicked down to 1 upload is the fact you continued submitting the same overprocessed shot. The first rejection was for "oveprocessed" and rather than trying to edit it over again and give it a more realistic appearance, you instead changed it to B&W. You received the "uncorrected reupload" twice, for the fact you didn't fix the overprocessed flaw of the image, but instead tried changing other elements of the photo.

They seem to take that "uncorrected reupload" rejection quite serious and I suppose that is why your upload limit was reduced.

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