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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
You would have to load up all your flashes head on to make any difference, and any adequate night photographer would never do that. .

Well, almost never. I once set up a line of about eight little 4AA flash plus three more on the other side of the main line to catch a n/b BNSF at Clara City, MN. There are three tracks there. Mainline, siding, and old grain elevator siding. The first two are used all the time, the third I've never seen used. It's rusted 75# rail with weeds growing over it. I set the line of flash between the gauge of that. Imagine my surprise when I hear over the radio that the dispatcher wants an approaching s/b to take 3-track and not the siding. 3-track? What's that? Turned out it was the old elevator siding! I had to scramble to pull those flash out of the way as the train slowly rolled towards me. What happened was the train was the little local and since it was short it was being stuffed into the old siding so two longer trains with more priority could meet on the mainline and long siding. The local crew got on the radio and was teasing me quite a bit, saying they could get the lightstands down for me if I wanted. I was pretty embarrassed and haven't set up flash between the rails since then.

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