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Oh, what the heck, might as well try out my portfolio...

David Honan currently has 77 photos in the database. The photos have been viewed a total of 138786 times, for an average of 1,802.42 views per photo.
Curiously, I don't have anything within 100 views of that mean; closest is this, with 1942 as of this writing:
Image © David Honan
PhotoID: 269513
Photograph © David Honan

I'd say this certainly is an "average" photo representing my work since it happens to feature three of my favorite things:
1) A big scene
2) A coal train
3) A (big!) bridge

I've been off the RP forums for a while due to life busy-ness and had never seen this thread before today, so thanks to whomever resurrected it.
Dave Honan
Issaquah, WA
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View my portfolio at Flickr Not quite so new anymore!
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