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Well I fall under the WGRF to an extent. I will take a shot into the sun depending on the power. If I see a "bluebird" on CP I am going to be taking that photo, and I am not too worried about how it turns out. My little rule of thumb is to take pictures for myself, and screw what other people think. If a picture is good then I am going to send it to RP. I always take roster shots, since I am into getting photos of all the units. So my pictures are for me, and if they turn out nice then send them away for RP. Some rejections I have been disapointed about but you know what, who cares ( a hard lesson learnt ) but honestly, I am taking the photos for my own purposes. I am a WGRF and damn proud of it! Also just like to mention, I love night shots. I personally think that they are the best photos (except for scenic shots during the fall and winter months)

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