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Default Is a NS loco a disadvantage for Screener's Choice vote?

Two nice shots by the same photographer, both in the same area but different angles and rare snow (according to the photographer, don't know myself, never been there). First shot posted, has the NS loco in the lead with lots to look at, terrain, foggy mountains and elevation currently, no SC . Second shot posted, has UP loco in the lead, is at the lower elevation with only foreground to look at with cloudy sky as a backdrop and gets SC. The second shot caught my attention right away due to the snowy dessert location and then I saw the SC. It got me wondering right away if there was a dislike for NS loco's. I went to RP's home page, clicked on the Screener's choice link (which only showcases SC pics) and surveyed the first 300 pics which date all the way back to April 2015. I only found 3 shots that had NS loco's in them. Is it just coincidental or a distaste for NS loco's?
Personally I like the NS shot over the UP shot for the reasons I stated above and for those wondering if I am partial to NS loco's, I am not. What are your thoughts on this?

Image ©  Cayden Smith
PhotoID: 682620
Photograph © Cayden Smith

Image ©  Cayden Smith
PhotoID: 682750
Photograph © Cayden Smith

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