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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
I'll be there both days, Loyd! I think I still remember what you look like. Anyone who goes, please do come over and say hi!

Carl Massart, are you going?

Not a current picture, but at my age the look doesn't change much year to year:

Image © Travis Dewitz
PhotoID: 301581
Photograph © Travis Dewitz

Wow, 6 years. Just ditched the red bag two weeks ago ...
Not on my schedule this year. Major outage at the power plant where I work.

However, if you get a chance stop at the McDonalds there. They were doing a remodel and the interior decorator had shown an interest in one of my pictures but when I requested some $$ for the use of it I never got any more emails. This is one they were interested in.
Image © Carl Massart
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Photograph © Carl Massart

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