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Originally Posted by Ron Flanary View Post
Among the old fart photographers who discuss such things off-list--it's a common opinion that today's youthful digi-age fotogs rely too much on the "gee whiz" stuff of technology. They blew right past the fundamentals. They might be able to engage you in a passionate discussion of histograms---but they can't truly command the relationships between ASA (that would be ISO to the younger folks), shutter speed, aperture, depth of field, etc.

In my day, a histogram would be a telegram that was lost for several years before it was finally delivered...
First thing I did when I bought my first DSLR was to figure out how to turn everything to manual - that is as far as I experimented with it. Not an old fart yet (unless only using manual lenses makes me an old fart), but I did shoot slides for a decade and I didn't feel comfortable letting the camera do the math. I can screw up fine on my own, I don't need the camera assisting.

I do think about the advantages of a zoom lens from time to time, usually when I don't have the lens I need for a shot handy or if I drop a lens during a rapid change out. Hasn't got me to buy one for foaming yet, but I do think about it.
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