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Originally Posted by trainboysd40 View Post
Ron, do you mean the 45mm 'normal', the 50mm 'normal', the 55mm 'normal', or even the 75mm 'normal', without even venturing into another format? =)
No...I meant a 50mm, which was "normally" the "normal" lens that came with most SLRs back in the '60s. Some fixed focal length 35mm film cameras had other variations (which you mentioned), but the 50 was the most common.

The question was: if you had one lens, what would it be---and that was my answer. It could just as easily be a 45 or a 55.

My comment about anything wider or longer being a "gimmick" was probably a poor word choice. I love both variations---but again, that wasn't the question. I suggested "learning" on a "normal" lens before venturing off into other tools of the trade.

Some of the greatest photos of this genre have been taken with a 50mm lens---or a "normal" lens depending on the film format (a.k.a. camera format).
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