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When I started this thread, and also when I got originally rejected, I made mention of the manipulation, and nobody said anything, either on here or the screeners. So it seems I've broken the rule, and I'm sorry.

As to the 'How I did it', it certainly wasn't a tripod or gorillapod, the wall I shot over is near 6 feet tall, and the shot was taken at 10mm, so I'd have needed a 15 feet tripod to avoid the wall blocking the bottom corner. All shots were taken handheld, and I'd taken an exposure check shot earlier on while the train was in the platform, and then used the feature 'Photomerge' usually reserved for panorama stitching, but great at replicating details between two identical shots. When it had finished this, the two layer masks were way out, i.e. I only had a plume of smoke from the loco departing, but no train. So, with judidcious use of the white and black brushes on the layer masks, I got want I wanted to be showing.

I'm not normally keen on all of this myself either, but this was a total one-off shot, totally unrepeatable (the excrement of a rocking horse perhaps?) and I certainly wasn't going to let a bit of bad timing at a station that sees nearly 400 departures in a day spoil it. Obviously, this will spark off another debate I'm sure but, should I remove the shot as I don't want to upset the screeners/mods etc??
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