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Just got notification that this thread has been updated. Hmm.

I'm going to reply even though my average is well below that of everyone else, or the site average for that matter. Which leads me to my next point - that when I created this thread I probably meant to post a photo that has the same average number of views as the entire site, not your personal average.

SO -

I have 37 photos with a personal average of 687.57, and coming in at 703 is:

Image © C. Joseph Renella
PhotoID: 210685
Photograph © C. Joseph Renella

And as far as comparing myself to the entire site in which the average is 1070.30, here's my closest *true* average picture with 1086 views:

Image © C. Joseph Renella
PhotoID: 210939
Photograph © C. Joseph Renella

It's funny, only 3 of my 37 photos (or 8%) are above the site average. That leads me to believe that I must be a well below average photographer. And just when you thought your ego didn't need to take any more beating.

Anyway, I noticed that to make the top photographer "list" in the stats section you now need to have 50 photos instead of 20. Understandable, since the list is undoubtedly long, but how about cleaning up the photographer drop-down on the main page to only include those with 50 or more photos as well? I guess you could think of it as 'incentive' to make everyone try harder. You know, keep dangling the carrot higher and higher.
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