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OK....I actually went back and read this thread (well, most of it). I simply prefocus at a determined spot, as Jim explained. If I'm using a zoom and pull back, I do so to a point ahead of where the train is at the moment, and prefocus (on a specific spot on the track) to the point where I intend to trip the shutter. That's how I've done it for eons, even before auto-focus.

As for night shots (what few I've done), I used a small light placed at the focus point to establish focus. I then move the light, and do the shot. That's how O. Winston Link did it (though I'll quickly note, I'm no O. Winston Link...).

You can get in trouble, as Dennis noted, going to infinity on a 50mm lens. I have boxes of just slightly out of focus shots ("soft") shot on dark days (film) with a wide open or nearly wide open aperture. You should pull back a smidgen to get a crisp shot (or as crisp as you could get it under those conditions).
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