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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
This is precisely why I'm considering shooting at least some of my shots in RAW. On any given trip, you get a lot of run-of-the-mill-non-RP-suitable stuff. But when the light is good and the action is interesting, you can't risk blowing it. As both you and Dennis L. (in another thread) have indicated, we all spend lots of money to get these shots, we need as much "insurance" as possible that the money shots turn out well.
Even if you get the exposure spot on, shooting RAW will bring you advantages. You will find that even on the best exposed shot there will be details hidden in the shadows that can be recovered to enhance the picture. I find this most useful when shooting steam. Even in good light the smokebox area is often underexposed as its frequently in shadow because of things like smoke deflectors. A small layer mask adjustment in Photoshop will reveal all the smokebox door detail. If the shot were a JPG, all this detail would have been discarded during the compression process.

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