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Originally Posted by jnohallman View Post
Back to the original question, what do you have the ISO set to? Unless the 7D is remarkably different from my 40D, the only way the camera will switch the ISO on you is if you have the ISO setting itself on auto. With the 40D, if your have the ISO set at 100 and set the camera to something in shutter priority mode, the camera will adjust the aperture. What will happen is that if it can't set an aperture that correlates with the ISO and the shutter speed in relation to the lighting, you'll get the lovely blinking aperture warning. Anyone with a 7D know if it really behaves differently?

My dad has one and when I played with it for a little bit it seems to act the same way as my 40D with your question. The little light blinks in the corner saying no go.

@ Jim, as for your request to make a higher end camera with just manual settings. I will never see them doing that because a lot of people think that if they buy a better camera they will take better pictures. That is why I see them putting the "Auto" mode on a lot of the camera's.
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