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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
I do think you may have had too averse a reaction to my original sentence, but for the record the one above now holds. But I am too lazy to edit my previous post. (If I did so, no one would know what this one is about!)
It's okay, I have some calamine lotion. The rash is already starting to fade.

As to the F40 being the quintessential Amtrak locomotive or not... I think it may have been Jerry Seinfeld who said something about all men reaching a certain age and staying there... if turtle necks were in when you hit this age, you wear turtles necks for the rest of your life... if you lived in Pittsburgh when you were this age, you are a Steeler fan for life... These things all become the quintessential whatever they are to us.

Another person once told me that many people spend their entire lives listening to the same music that they were listening to when they were in college. And personally, I still like Supertramp, Squeeze and Split Enz... and crank them all.

Or, look at it this way...

Is Babe Ruth the quintessential Yankee?

Or is Joe Dimagio?

Or is Mickey Mantle?

Or is Reggie Jackson?

Or is Don Mattingly?

Or is Dereck Jeter?

For me, it's probably Mantle or Jackson... or maybe it's Ron Blomberg... I am personally weird that way... think of him as an Amtrak GP7.
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