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Yea, that is complete garbage. The engine you see in Hamlet, SAL 1114 was indeed a SDP35, had the boiler removed in the late 70's and remained in service up into CSX. It has been there for years, in fact GM10/CSXT4600 was still in service with CSX when this locomotive was put on display in Hamlet. I think it was moved once or twice too when the station was moved.

History: built 1965, SAL 1114 -> SCL 615 -> SCL 1965 -> SBD 4595 -> CSXT 4595 retired in ~1988. Note the number change from 615 to 1965 was due to the removal of the boiler and removal from passenger service and renumbered into the SD35 range, as GP38-2's were being purchased in that range (500-??) where the passenger locomotives used to be.

GM 10 was the only diesel ever owned by the Gainesville Midland RR, a shortline owned by the SAL. Interesting as the SAL never owned any SD40's, but bought one for the GM. It went through a ton of renumberings as SCL, SBD and CSXT absorbed GM and eventually it became CSXT 4600, still painted in SBD colors with yellow nose. It was retired and cut up in 2000.

Just looking at the locomotive, you can see it is an SDP35 and not an SD40. Most of the other SCL SDP35's were rebuilt by SCL in the early 80's as "H15's", had their turbo's and dynamic brakes removed, long hood chopped as part of this process as well, SAL 1114 was not part of that project. The renumbered H15's were numbered SCL 1-15 or thereabouts.
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