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Default A Locomotive Genealogy Question - SAL 1114

Hi all,

Back in January I posted a few clips from Hamlet, NC over at YouTube, and in one of the captions referenced the preserved Seaboard locomotive across from the station. By the spotting features, several online sources, and my own accumulated personal knowledge, I would peg the 1114 as an SDP35. However, a poster has now come out of the woodwork claiming to have been the road foreman of engines for the Gainesville Midland RR, and asserts that the 1114 is in fact the former GM 10, an SD40. Every picture of GM 10 I have found shows it to be a standard SD40 without dynamic brakes. However, the 1114 clearly has the SDP squared-off long hood end, along with the 35-series small center radiator fan on top. All the info I've found so far lists GM10 as having been renumbered to SBD 8300 and CSX 4600 before scrapping, and that the 1114 started life as SAL 635 - no reference to service on the GM anywhere that I can tell; the only resemblance I see is the Seaboard-like paint scheme. So is this an interesting bit of Seaboard locomotive history I was not previously aware of, or a YT troll smoking the good stuff from his stash?
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