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Default The debate begins.

Originally Posted by David Telesha

And if they don't like that, they can
HEY!!! That's annoying to me, you're going to jail buster! ROFLMAO!! Well, assuming that isn't your real name,

Nevertheless, it's going to become one of those ridiculous laws that no government official in their right mind is going to enforce except out of spite.

I seem to recall a state, can't remember if it's in New England or in the deep South that has a law that says it's LEGAL to beat your wife on the county courthouse lawn on Sundays. On that note, I don't hear about a whole lot of people exercising this "right", most know that they'd be arrested on the spot, maybe beaten themselves, and even in court battle, they'd still face some sort of punitive action. Never mind the media debacle that would ensue.

Face it, every last one of us, including some of the goons that wrote this have done "anonymous joking, annoyance, or harassment" via the interweb. It's going to happen and no ridiculous law buried in Section 131 of the Department of Justice Appropriations Bill will likely be noticed, or taken seriously enough to cause any harm to us would be criminals.

This was simply the result of some minority group of lobbyists writing letters to Arlen Spechter *Sphincter* pressing him to do something about what they consider to be internet harassment. So this is how he secured votes for his next term in office, and how some minority rights group will claim a huge political victory.

As Tbone said, "How are they going to enforce it?" Great question, in todays age of wireless networks and internet cafes, it's not hard for someone to drive up outside of your house, or local internet cafe crank up the firewire port and start raising havoc on the net. Sure, you can try all day long to track IPs, but what good will it do? Every time they reconnect to the net, the IP will change unless by some chance they're using a static IP.

Anyways, think I've blathered on long enough, I have to admit, it's entertaining to see some of the laws our ELECTED officials are inventing. Who's dumber? The elected officials, or the idiots that elected said officials?

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