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Originally Posted by John West View Post
Using the various programmed/auto modes is not necessarily letting the camera decide everything. They are just a tool. That is why they have those little readouts in the view finder so that you can see what the camera is doing and change it if you don't agree.
I'm with you, John. I normally shoot with manual settings, but today's digital cameras are worlds apart from the "auto" models from the '60s. Back then, if you had any serious intentions of getting a good shot, you figured out the manual settings, studied the light and the circumstances of the shot (depth of field; speed of train; back lighting, etc.), and always had a good working knowledge of the film you were using. Today, however, digital cameras can actually get it "right" more times than not. There's no macho-driven reason to shoot manual unless you think you're smarter than the camera (or, you're looking for a particular effect that the camera might not otherwise choose).
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