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Default Appeal privelages lost - help

Hello fellow photogs and any admin that might hear my case

I had the following photo rejected due to leaning left. This bridge has a noticeable incline (up to the right) and I was going to appeal, pointing out that you can see from the center pilar and the I-beams on the left (and the parked truck) that the shot is actually level. Its the same incline that can be seen in these two photos.

Image © BUFFIE
PhotoID: 680064
Photograph © BUFFIE

Image © BUFFIE
PhotoID: 679848
Photograph © BUFFIE

Here is the rejected photo

BUT I was greeted by this message:

Your ability to appeal rejected photos at has been removed due to abuse of the Appeal system, such
as appealing an unusually high percentage of your rejected photos.

I have had six photos rejected recently. On four photos I appealed and the images were accepted. Those included

Image © BUFFIE
PhotoID: 678092
Photograph © BUFFIE

Image © BUFFIE
PhotoID: 678067
Photograph © BUFFIE

Image © BUFFIE
PhotoID: 677584
Photograph © BUFFIE

Image © BUFFIE
PhotoID: 677409
Photograph © BUFFIE

Aside from the one noted above, the two others which were declined were

photo 1698063
Image ©
Photograph ©
(the photo has since dropped out of my rejection box)

(My case was that the large poles actually drew the viewer's eye along the length of the train)



(My case was that the fog was the intent of the photo and hopefully cloudy day would not apply)

So, if four of six rejects were accepted, I have a hard time understanding that I have been abusing the system.

Am I SOL or can perhaps a mod help me understand. I appreciate the site and have photos that I think others might like to see.



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