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I'm really confused. I thought everyone knew to prefocus and lock it it. I use a Nikon, but I just press the button and it should be right. I don't count on the servo for continuous focus to get it right. It can go nuts if it catches a ditch light, for instance.

The first camera I got with autofocus was a Nikon film camera (an N90?---can't recall the model right off hand). My concern was my eyesight, which wasn't as good as it once was (plus, I wear glasses, which is a pain in the rear for framing up a shot and getting it in focus). I would get slides back that were manually focused, and they weren't as tack-sharp as I wanted them to be. So---the autofocus replaced my eyeballing the focus manually. I do like it, and I don't think I could go back to manual focus with any hope of success.
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