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Originally Posted by jdirelan87 View Post
Which lenses are you using?

I'm going to assume by the quality, settings and time of day of the second shot you are using a kit lens. Shooting a kit lens at f/5.6 in low light conditions combined with alot of post editing to "save it" can often result in the what you're talking about.

The first photo looks fine to my eye, maybe a little over sharpened, but barely. It was also shot in great light at f/9, so I would expect it to be good even with a kit lens.

If you are infact using kit lenses, or similar low end lenses, always keep in mind their limitations. Shoot at f/8 or there abouts as much as possible and understand that as the lighting conditions start to deteriorate and you go wide open, quality is going to drop. I also recommend shooting RAW, you can get away with significantly more while post processing.

PS: as a side note, I highly recommend not looking at pictures very long once you're done processing them. The more you look, the more wrong you will find with them. I know plenty of photographers (myself included) who have almost walked away from the hobby because they couldn't get the color tone perfect or things were never sharp enough.

Yeah, most of my pictures are taken with the 18-55 mm kit lens that came with the camera. I think all of my RP pics might be anyways.

I also have a 55-200 mm lens. I mainly use it for my scenery shots or "farther away" shots.

We have a couple hummingbird feeders. Whenever I try to catch the birds I use it so I can get farther away.

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