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Originally Posted by ssw9662 View Post
Kevin has a valid point. Andrew clearly was trespassing on private property and should have never posted the photo in question (for that matter, he shouldn't have been there in the first place). I can't say I've never trespassed before, but there is a fine line between being a few feet on private property to blatantly trespassing on someone else's land. Also, I know for a FACT that a many of the people at the East Penn are pissed off about the foamers that have invaded their right of way during most of their recent special trains, and quite honestly I'm not surprised that a property owner along the tracks has spoken out as well. The sad part is that these people screw things up for the rest of the responsible railfans who stay off private property. I hate to see my local shortline railroad have a rather intolerant attitude toward fans just because a few people came in and screwed things up (this happens all too often).

(end rant)
Just so I understand your post correctly, it's ok if you trespass just a FEW feet?

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