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Originally Posted by miningcamper1 View Post
Here they are after double rounds of shadow recovery. The second one probably needs significant trimming of the left side. Will these find favor here? Maybe.

Oh, and if the second was mine, I would make the signal lights red, but that would take some careful cloning or 'painting'.
To me the edit to the first shot looks washed out and overly bright. The original shot is a lot closer to what it actually looked like in person. Do you have the brightness of your monitor cranked way down?

The second one isn't as bad, and I agree with you about the color of the lights. I shot these at around f1.4, I suppose I could have cranked up the ISO a bit but much more and I would have had issues with noise. Part of the problem is my camera's dynamic range just isn't as good as I'd like.

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