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Originally Posted by lock4244 View Post
I'll be coming from Erie on the first day, so I may be better served to head to Conneaut and head south looking for the train. Second day I'll be overnighting in Meadville, so likely would be able to be in Greenville pretty early. If day one went well on the BLE, I may concentrate on the WNYP. Then again, if day one went well, I just may want to go back for seconds!
That is in an option but be warned you have a reasonable possibility of getting burned. If you choose to drive to Conneaut it's likely they will show anywhere from 8-10. If they don't, the senario John presented above will likely ruin any shot of seeing them until well after noon. There is rarely much radio chatter unless a train is in Greenville or Conneaut. Detectors at 117 (Conneautville), 97 (Meadville), 78 (Kremis), will be your friend if you're unsure of what's going on.
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