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Nothing is ever certain on the Bessemer. Expect to be trackside at the crack of dawn and be committed until the sun has gone down below the horizon.

First crew is usually called 0500-0600 at Greenville to go North to Conneaut. Depending on the situation at the dock that crew will turn back south with empties between 1000-1200. Recrew at Kremis 1200-1400 for the trip to North Bessemer. Arrival is often around dinner time with the return trip over the Allegheny River Bridge approximately an hour later. These times will need to be adjusted based on several factors, most importantly whether or not the dock is prepared to send empties back south.

Usually a second crew called will be called anywhere from 0600-1100 depending on what other chores need done. Second ore train, stone, serving AK Steel at Butler, etc... This often provides the opportunity for meets in the early afternoon, especially when there is a second set of ore cars that need to be spotted at the dock in Conneaut.

It should be noted that a B&LE train recently struck a log truck resulting in significant nose damage to one of the tunnel motors. While having one locomotive out of service may not ordinarily seem like a big deal, it means the B&LE is down to only one unit that can be OOS for any maintenance without affecting operations.

Current roster:
862,868 - Dock power
866,867, 901, 902, 907, 908, 910

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