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Default BLE game plan

All the info given is good (and my last visit is now a couple of years old), but I always went to Greenville with a good book and hung out with the radio on.

First thing in the morning check the south end jct. where the Highline meets the downtown route. BLE often leaves a train there. Without my ETT handy I think that location is now called Kremis. If nothing is there then figure on a north run. Next go check the KV (or is it called K06?) hand throw siding on the high line, they can occasionally stage a train there, and then check the signals at the northend at Sandy (or is it Karen?) jct where the highline leaves the downtown line. Look at both directions to see if anything is lined.

The last time I was in Greenville the DS gave a departing train its TWC for the Conneaut branch will still in G-ville. If you had been up near Albion you would never hear that on the radio.

The BLE DS lines trains up way in advance. I checked a signal at about 10-11pm one night in G-ville and it was lit up for a southbound. At sunrise the next morning the signal was still green and the train had yet to return from the north. But it arrived shortly.

Some other general advise: Hotels are hard to come by if you need to spend the night in G-ville. A few years ago, there was only 1 and it closed at 8-9PM.

And the BLE is probably the fastest railroad I have ever chased. These guys can come out with power, get on a train and get moving in 1/2 the time a Class-1 train will do the same. Once on the run, the roads to track layout makes chasing harder than it looks. I have literately drove 45 mins between spots, pulled up to the track and had the train bearing down on me as I got out of the car. This is hard for a first time visitor to comprehend for a bulk commodity, heavy-haul railroad. Since there are so few trains, I have chased a full round trip from G-ville to Conneaut, back to G-ville (crew change) and followed south to P-burgh, that is an all day project. I maybe got 3-4 on each segment. So figure on some good lead time between shots.

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