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Originally Posted by Freericks View Post

Some locomotives that folks will call SD40-2s today started life as SD45s and SDP45s (and the latter, we are now told were really SD45Ms all along).

Personally, I say find a source that you like and stick with their nomenclature. Don't drive yourself crazy with the difference from different sources.
Also true with ex DMIR SD40T-2 units, that have been rebuilt as CN locomotives, as they have had QES (an electronic load control system built by Wabtec) installed and are now called SD40-3's.

In 2001, INCO (now owned by Vale and called Vale Inco) bought 8 GP35's and had them rebuilt by Wabtec in Mexico. They were turned into what they called a GP38M-4. A 500 horsepower de-rating was achived by swapping out the turbocharged 567D3A for the roots blown 645-E engine. Because the GP38 is longer, extra steel was welded to the frame as ballast for extra weight. The M designates that they are equipped with a D series generator (D32 I believe), instead of an AR10 alternator. They are also equiped with QES, why they are called -4's instead of -3's though, I dont know. Here's an shot of one from when I worked at NRE.
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