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Not to get into a polemic over such a trivial matter, but I'm going to have to disagree on the 50s to 70s shots. Of course, there are some great images out there (witness the stuff that gets published in magazines and books to this day), but the truth is that the majority of photographers out there did have substandard cameras.

My dad's stuff really kills me. At some point in time, during 1949, he switched from what I would assume was his parents' 620 or 120 camera with a passable lens in bright sunlights, to a plastic 127 camera that took pictures on a half a frame (to get twice as many images on a roll). Thus, I cannot share any of my dad's pics from late 1949 to about 1952, when he seems to have switched to a better 127 (still bad, but at least there is sometimes something there). Then he got a TERRIBLE 35mm, that actually had a worse lens than the second 127, so while 1952 and 1953, I have some stuff to share, 1953 on, it pretty much goes back to completely useless, all the way until 1976 (mind you, he did not shoot a single train picture in the late 1950s or any of the 1960s).

It is really frustrating finding things like Union Pacific Erie Builts in Wyoming or the interurbans and trolleys in Allentown PA and not being able to share them.
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