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Concerning the Erie Lackawanna SDP45's vs. SD45M's..

Yes, its perhaps technically true that EMD might have internally referred to the second batch of EL SDP45's as "SD45M" units..but that doesnt mean we should all suddenly start referring to "EL SD45M" units..(I dont think anyone has said that in this thread specifically..but I have seen it a few places around the internet lately) because really, there has never been any such critter as an EL SD45M..outside of some obscure EMD paperwork..they always were EL SDP45's..
why do I say this?
because of 40 years of history..

In my opinion, what EMD called them internally is basically irrelevant..
EMD might have labeled them SD45M's for their own internal record keeping, but the more important fact (IMO) is that EL made the decision to call them SDP45's once they hit the rails!

(I think the first batch was in fact labeled SDP45 by both EMD and EL..
its only the second batch that was labeled SD45M by EMD but SDP45 by EL..)

So apart from some obscure internal EMD paperwork, these units spent their entire existance being called SDP45' EL, and by everyone..

So to me..I think its much more accurate to refer to them as SDP45's rather than SD45M's..because history has recorded them as SDP45's from day-1..
I see no reason to re-write history!

Today there a billion references and historic photos of Erie Lackawanna SDP45's..
and Conrail SDP45's..(Conrail actually labeled them all SDP45 on the side on the cab...Conrail inherited SDP45's from EL..they inherited no SD45M's from EL..because EL SD45M's did not exist in 1976)

in contrast, there are one or two internet rumblings about "maybe we should call them SD45M's instead"..and zero historic photos ever taken of an EL SD45M..
because EL SD45M's never existed until the these recent internet rumblings..
IMO..EL SD45M's still have never existed..and will never exist.

So me and probably 99.9% of rail historians..they will always be EL SDP45's..
what EMD might have written on some intenal paperwork is IMO irrelevant..
History says SDP45..
EL says SDP45..
Conrail says SDP45..
every EL roster ever written says SDP45..
every photo ever taken was labeled SDP45..

Google "Erie Lackawanna SDP45" = 4,300 hits
Google "Erie Lackawanna SD45M" = No results found for "erie lackawanna SD45M". (zero hits)

Im going with SDP45!

I know this really wasnt being implied here..that we should call them EL SD45M's..
but I feel the need to squash this idea before it gets too far out of control!
I am starting to see younger folks referring to EL SD45M's..its just wrong..
they never existed..


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