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The problem is, there isn't much you can do about this except get his account closed down. Then he starts another one and so on. For every one person you find that has taken a photo from here there's probably 100's you don't know about. It's a battle you won't win and frankly not worth it

In the past when I ran a rock band website I was involved, via a band members wife, in an issue regarding some photos. She threatened me with legal action. These were photos I obtained off the net. I held my ground and nothing ever happened. Eventually I took them down out of respect, not from being threatened though. And that wasn't the only time I had to deal with copyright problems on my side or another persons. It seemed in all ocassions that respect not legal threat solved every situation.

I think someone should have contacted this person first. Ask him "Hey, why did you take the photos? What's your intentions? etc. Everyone likes to jump the gun. For me it's kind of honoring to have them displayed elsewhere, BUT, the problem I have is give credit where credit is due. See I expect if I post something on the net to be seen, viewed, available for anyone to use. Disclaimers, user agreements, etc don't mean squat to people on the net.

As the old saying goes, ok probably not, but some battles are worth fighting and some aren't. I'll leave it at that. But don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm supporting this guy more than my brothers here, I'll stand by the group as need be. I'm guy playing reality and devils advocate a bit.
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