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Originally Posted by Jon Wisnieski
I cannot believe someone would do this. I also noticed that the post names were the same (trains_04,trains_06, etc.) Could it possibly be the same person posting them under different names?
Of COURSE it is. There shouldn't be ANY doubt about that. All the photos were uploaded on Aug 11, 07, and it appears he hit a 200 image limit, so kept creating new accounts.

The fact that he cropped off the RP copyright bar proves he did this with malice, and knows damn well what he did was wrong.

Also, as the photos are displayed now, they are "trains-XX's photos." Anyone who looks at his gallery and doesn't know better will automatically assume that those are HIS photos.

I saw one of mine on there and left a message to have it removed. I really don't understand the apologists in this thread who can't understand that he is displaying these images as HIS. That is just wrong.

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