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Originally Posted by hoydie17
I seem to recall a state, can't remember if it's in New England or in the deep South that has a law that says it's LEGAL to beat your wife on the county courthouse lawn on Sundays. On that note, I don't hear about a whole lot of people exercising this "right", most know that they'd be arrested on the spot, maybe beaten themselves, and even in court battle, they'd still face some sort of punitive action. Never mind the media debacle that would ensue.
NJ has a law like that still on its books.

Originally Posted by cmherndon
Why are we making such a fuss over this if it's not affecting us in any way?
Not making a big deal out of it. Simply posted it for reading with my opinion of it.

Additionally, this was not meant to be a political ran against the President either. Whether you like him or not, this had to pass through the senate before he could even sign it.

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