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Originally Posted by Mgoldman View Post
Pfffft... that's junk!

You cut off the "Harpers Ferry" sign on the roof. A few more feet of elevation and you'd have had it! Now go back and do it right, lol.

Ever see a shot AFTER you took it and realize that ONE thing you wish you did differently? The pole coming out of a stack, that one branch? Or, the sign you didn't work into the shot? Back on the bucket list - with a ladder!

Kidding- mostly, as I'm not sure how much height you'd need to get that sign but it reminded me of a shot I got of the NKP #765 rounding the bend past the station at Cresco. A good friend looked at me, where I was standing and said - can you get the "Cresco" sign from that angle? Shwew! That'd have bugged me. Just as if I came home and didn't see Mallory in my shot at Boonton!

Image © Greg Lacko
PhotoID: 547230
Photograph © Greg Lacko

No hard feelings, Greg (lol - there's an unintended pun in there somewhere)

Image © Dennis A. Livesey
PhotoID: 547289
Photograph © Dennis A. Livesey


Incidentally, Jon - I agree, that's a nice shot. Reminds me of the photo Dennis and I took in Baltimore of the old B&O station though I believe we both went B&W. Nice color with yours - and a cool sky!
Thanks Mitch,
The sign doesn't bug me as from that vantage, there's only so much room between the tracks and railing unless you use one of those extender tripods. Incidentally, the tower itself is lit by an oncoming train and I can guarantee neither myself or the equipment would survive if on a ladder, etc... So the sign doesn't bug me.

That is also one of those shots where the color tone plays a lot into the scene. To my right along the length of the station are about 5 of those hard bright sodium lights that give off that blue hue so the bottom of the frame is a lot warmer than the rest of the photo.
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