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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
Hi Kent,

The biggest concern that I would have about using flashes is temporary degradation of the crew's night vision. It takes about 30 or more minutes for the human eyes to adapt to the dark and develop their maximum sensitivity. As a pilot for more than 30 years, my training and experience says that for best vision, I need to avoid exposure to bright lights, once my eyes are dark-adapted. The concern is, of course, that if the crew's vision is degraded, even for just a short time, and something were to appear on the tracks ahead, their recognition of the situation, and therefore their response, could be delayed. When it comes to stopping a train, every second of warning is precious.

I've been tempted to try night flash photography, but the stories that I hear from pilot colleagues about being flashed with laser pointers and other devices during the critical minute or two before landing just leave me concerned about putting train crews in a similar position.
Two completely different things Kevin. Night vision for a railroader is constantly attacked, and is never the same as a pilot for flies in complete darkness for 98 percent of the trip. I've been on a locomotive and been flashed. It's nothing, zero, zip. You barely notice it over top of the headlight and ditch lights. You would have to load up all your flashes head on to make any difference, and any adequate night photographer would never do that. I will never believe that it has any difference on a crews ability to safely perform their job in that environment. But I would suggest people not do it because there's too many sundown foamers who suck at it.

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