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Originally Posted by GuilfordRailSD45 View Post
Hey guys,

I am doing a railroad-related assignment for school; we were assigned to create our own newspapers based on a subject of our choice.

Anyhow, I am doing one of my articles on Norfolk Southern's purchase of SD70ACe locomotives.

Does anyone know why NS purchased the SD70ACe's when they have been getting SD70M-2's all along?

The primary reason is due to a shift in motive power philosophy on the NS. In heavy haul serivice where the AC traction units are primarily assigned you are able to use fewer locomotives. Previously where 3 DC traction units may have been used, 2 AC units will be able to handle the same train. Now the 2 AC units may not be able to haul the train as fast as the 3 DC units, but speed is not always the most important factor. Fewer locomotives are needed, overall lower fuel consuption due to fewer units and reduced maintainence costs all factor in. The same logic applies to NS choosing the GE ES44AC over the ES40DC.

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