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Originally Posted by PArailfan View Post
I don't think the reference to Flickr was necessary. There are hundreds if not thousands of shots on there that are high quality photos. That is what makes this site come across as elitist when you start putting down every other site out there.
Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
Joe's statement does not convey the notion that every shot on Flickr is like that, at least in my reading. I see nothing elitist in saying that there are some shots like that on Flickr, which of course contains much too diverse a spectrum of shots to summarize in one simple sentence, and Joe did not do that in my view. So I don't see anything elitist in what he wrote.
I agree with your assessment of Joe's comment, J, just as I agree 100% with what he said. Flickr was just used as an example; whether or not someone posts on RP is irrelevant. Due to ignorance or bias, people tend to praise poor work in every facet of life, and photography is a great example of that.

Man, some people have a real chip on their shoulder for this place. As if NO ONE who posts shots or comments on flickr are elitists.
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