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Originally Posted by Joe the Photog View Post
You have been up too long. This is a snap shot that people post on Flickr, then have their friends tell them the reflction is really "kewl" and they should "post that pic to RP." To say it doesn't belong under your name on this web site actually gives it more credit than it's due. Steven, you're way better than this. I'm going to strike this submission up to you having a Charlie Sheen moment and mopve on.

Basically, not enough blur to look purposefully. Looks more out of focus. Reflective tape looks point and shootererish. Lots of noise in the clouds and looks PIQ to me in the ground. Engine cut off at the very back.
I don't think the reference to Flickr was necessary. There are hundreds if not thousands of shots on there that are high quality photos. That is what makes this site come across as elitist when you start putting down every other site out there.
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