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Default Crpa 2010

A blast as always. I was able to shoot ICE, WSOR, CTA, METRA, CP, and see UP all in a 5 mile area around Lake Forest. I was able to meet many old friends and see and meet many new. Nothing better then putting your digital friends into human form. The presentations were top notch along with the first train slide show. The real stories that went along with most of the presentations were just incredible and really gave life to the photos they presented. I have taken many tips, tricks, and ideas away from here as always. Walking around and talking face to face with well known artists like Benson, Jensen, Plowden, and others I seem to be forgetting is surreal. Talking to TRAINS and R&R maganzine staff, making frineds, and seeing what they want, like, or need can really give you a leg up if you want to get your work to print.

This is what I did in the first day.
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