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Smile RAW versus JPG

I shoot RAW. In a very few instances where I have underexposed, RAW has allowed me to save the image. But in the vast majority of situations I doubt that JPG versus RAW makes any difference in the final product.

I recently sold some images to a calendar publisher. The easiest way to transmit them to the publisher was for me to take my large post processing files (that end up as TIF files in my archives), convert them to smaller JPG fine files, and then I could simply attach them to an email. This was quick and dirty, but provided more than enough quality for calendar size images. The publisher simply said he would convert them back to TIF and take it from there. Some loss of data? Sure. But not enough to trouble a demanding publisher.

It's like a lot of the things that have been discussed in this thread. There are multiple ways to get from here to there, and achieve equivalent levels of quality.

On the other hand, I do enjoy the exchange of ideas, and they do cause me to try new things and sometimes even change my ways....even at my advanced age!

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