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I appreciate the concern here for copyright. Since we are all photographers, that
should come as no surprise. Like all of you, I do not like it at all when anyone uses my photo without permission or credit when they easily could have gotten it.

However, I think it nuts to think we cannot share a found photo. If the poster has made a good faith effort to find the owner or photographer, states that the photo ownership is not known and does not claim it as their own, nor makes any money for posting it here, what is the problem?

And in fact, suppose the owner does show up? What are they going to do really? Sue for a million dollars? There is no money this and a lawyer would cost more than any fee that could possibly be collected.

I know that all I can do in a non-commercail situation is say take it down. I am not going to hire a lawyer to take down an RPer. On the other hand, if it were a commercial situation, cha-ching, then a lawyer would make sense.

And you possibly will do a service. Maybe someone will see the photo and has information about it and it can be connected back to the photographer or their family.

Does anybody have any actual experince in this?

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