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Originally Posted by troy12n View Post
The second one has some pretty severe purple fringe in the treeline, which is awful and i'm surprised it didn't get a PIQ rejection.

Honestly the shot is not compelling, it's a streak shot on a curve with not much compelling subject matter in the rest of the frame.

Don't think it will get on
Yes, normally they are part of an overall scene, another train, cityscape etc., there is nothing else. Looking at your others, there was a lot more to the scene.

However, I thought it was a very good job the way you held the light over three tracks with three trains, rails illuminated, was a technical feat.
Something I would not know where to start.

The way the site was spammed today by a single photographer, duplicates and near repeats plus droned out I would not have minded at all if the first one was accepted.

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