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Originally Posted by Joe the Photog
It also looks like all you needed to do was to stand up or maybe stand on the side of your car with the door open. All that said, it's not a bad shot. But that fence is a bit distracting.
That was how the Coaster shot came out so nice there, I had the time and desire to get the camera over the fence enough for it to not be a subject in the photo, also there is more light on the further track (don't ask me why, prolly the buildings). Unfortunately since I was rushing to get this shot and because it was on the closer track I couldn't climb on the wall. It appears that I'll have a reprieve tonight, I have to be at work downtown at 5:50, and this train departs at 5:30... plenty of time if I get downtown early enough, so I'd better shower now and get down there

Thanks for the help everyone, I'm gonna try the shot again and upload the result tonight.
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